Hi! Thank you so much for gracing this page with your presence. I'm truly honored.

I am 31 years old and was born and raised in Arkansas where I still live today. I can't seem to escape! I really love this state because it's beautiful and my people are here!


I've been married to my ever patient, hysterical, excellent listener, man among boys, husband Dwayne (aka Daddywayne) for just over 11 years and we have five kids: Cayle (10), Alaya (8), Kenan (5), Reuben (3), and Ellie (2). I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 at 25 years old (you can read about that starting here). Dwayne and I always knew we wanted to adopt and we were blessed to be foster parents and now adoptive parents to our three youngest kids. You can read about our adoption journey here.

I received my BA and MA in Professional and Technical Writing, so writing is in my blood and my brain. It is an art and a release for me. Writing is a gift, not one that I feel like I give, but one I feel I've received. I'm blessed to do it. It is one of my closest friends. Blogging seems a natural outlet for that. I believe I have a book in me (maybe more than one with all of this life experience!) but so far there isn't one published.

I taught college writing for several years before taking a "sabbatical" as I see it, to be home full time with my kiddos. I homeschool and love it dearly, and believe wholeheartedly that I will never regret these moments with my children because the years pass at lightspeed and I want to savor all of them.

So this is me! More of the depths of me is located throughout these pages. I'm a transparent kind of gal, much to the chagrin of some. I believe life is too short to live fake, so I try to lay it down gracefully but fully. I also think I'm a seeker by nature: of Jesus, of wisdom, of understanding, of application. Seeing Life is as much about me seeking as it is laying it down. I'm trying to see it through His lens, because His is the only one for me. I try to see life, to see joy, to seek it. I process here so that others might benefit, because we all are living this messy life, no? And doesn't it just feel soul satisfying that others are in their messy and they are seeking and longing just like you?

I pray you might find this a safe place to wrestle through your own messy. I pray you might find here a soft spot to land, a place where you are understood and known and can be free and real yourself. I pray you might be challenged to seek Him more, because when you seek Him, you will find Him. His word says so! (Jeremiah 29:13)

So, welcome! Kick off your shoes and stay a while! You can also find me posting everyday quips on Facebook, everyday clicks and eucharisteo on Instagram (shanalw), or pinning good DIY ideas on Pinterest.


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