Monday, September 7, 2015

Doing a New Thing...

I know I have been gone so very long. I'll tell you why later because that's just a post for another day. But today I'm here and I've missed you people and this place. Thanks for never giving up on me.

So I'm about to tell you something big. Something I've been sitting on for a long, long while. Something that has literally been in the works for years and I feel about to burst that I get to share it. As I was thinking about this post, immediately I heard the words:

See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19)

This whole chapter already has so much significance for my family, but to feel the excitement of this thing building in me and knowing it is His work, I feel like I'm standing on holy ground.

I digress.

So here it is. My long kept secret.






Listen again. Dwayne and I. Are opening. A restaurant. Can you even?!! I know, I know it's like a bomb just fell.

So here's the story. My husband has dreamed of owning his own restaurant since he was a teenager. He worked for a catering service when he was in high school and then worked as a cook at another restaurant. Then he became a manager of a small restaurant at Verizon Arena. And on and on. He has waited tables. He's managed larger restaurants with staff and cooks and busy days. He's done it all. And this has been his dream for so many years and for all those years he wondered if it could ever happen. A few years back, the Lord began to stir in him and use others to encourage him to chase this dream. Men who have made the jump to do big things and know the joy on the other side. They called my Daddywayne a jumper too and so he started chasing. Business plan. Business projections. Menu. Location. For the last two solid years he has been working hard, squeezing ideas and meetings into nooks and crannies while he worked full time elsewhere. I've worked on recipes and we've bounced ideas and we've dreamed and prayed hard and fasted and wondered, "Is this it Lord?"

And here we are.

One thing we knew is that our restaurant wasn't just about us. It needed to be bigger. We wanted it to be. So we dreamed of how that would work. How do we use this restaurant to intentionally bless? And I was praying and asking God, "What is it's name?" As some of you know, all of our kids names are Hebrew. I felt the Lord say that "soul" was to be foundational for us. The Hebrew word for soul is "nephesh." Immediately based on what we were already dreaming the restaurant would look like, I got it....

Soul. Fresh. Food. Restoration.

This is what we are about. Will be about. Want to share with you.

Neph(r)esh will serve in house roasted meats on delicious sandwiches and salads. Made from scratch soups and baked goods. We plan to source local ingredients as much as possible. Fresh. Healthy. Good.

The idea of restoration comes in multiple ways. We hope that people can come and sit, eat, enjoy, and find their souls restored. We pray that our walls will house conversations where souls can be encouraged. Restored. But in addition, we both felt the call to serve locally and globally in the context of our restaurant. So, we are partnering with Project Zero (local) and Living Mosaics (global) to bring awareness, financial contribution, and restoration in the lives of orphans and women. We plan to give these organizations a place of visible prominence in the restaurant and will be donating a portion of our profits back to their efforts to restore. Life. Joy. Restoration.

Can you even imagine that by purchasing a sandwich you can play a part in children finding a forever family? Or women being given the opportunity to work with dignity and joy and finding freedom?

Can we all just have a collective "Amen"? My heart is pounding!!

So, where do we go from here? That's a great question. There will be more details coming from me in the next few days because we ABSOLUTELY need your help to see Neph(r)esh realized. In the meantime,would you mind going to our Facebook page and clicking "Like"? This will help us get the word out and allow people to connect with us and what we're doing.

Thanks in advance for just loving us and joining us in this. We are immeasurably grateful for our friends and family who are already on board and the ones who will come alongside. Check back in the next few days for the project we need your help with!

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