Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cayle: 10 years old

My firstborn son turns 10 years old in three minutes. I can't even handle this. I can't mathematically compute where in the world 10 years has gone. I can account for only about 4 of those years. Time is elusive. It slides through fingers like sand. Tears fall as I think about this boy and how proud I am to be his mama. There aren't adequate words to express how absolutely amazing he is. How much he pleases us. How he has his dad's dry sense of humor. 


How he has such a desire to always learn and think and process. How he shepherds his younger siblings (to a fault sometimes) without being asked or told to. He is a natural leader and has a massive heart. Cayle's name comes from Caleb and means "faithful and bold" and he is. He is faithful: to Jesus, to our family, to his friends. He's devoted and true. He is bold to say things that need to be said and stand for things that matter.

Already God speaks to him through dreams and visions. Already he knows he is loved by His King and that Jesus has plans for his life.

He is fascinated with learning, though he doesn't always like putting in the work to prove it. He loves science and math and this year he is fascinated with history. The facts stick in his mind in a way that blows mine. He intuitively understands math and gets so frustrated that he has to show his work on the problems. He can just look at a problem and understand it 90% of the time. It blows me away.

His sister Alaya is probably his best friend, though he wouldn't dare admit it. Their friendship is palapable. They enjoy each other's company. He dotes on her, and she him. The concoct elaborate plans and laugh at each other's jokes and are kind to each other with their give and take. He watches an episode of Pokemon or Star Wars and she watches an episode of Littlest Pet Shop or My Little Ponies. They compromise with each other and help each other. They are a team. Their relationship wells up in my heart.


Cayle I pray you know how cherished you are. You are a gift so big that it could never be boxed and wrapped. All that you are blesses everyone around you. I am humbled and enthralled to be your mama, to watch you grow, to see the glimmer of things to come. I pray for you my love, all the time, that you would never doubt Christ's love for you; that you would be convinced of it. I pray that He would make your heart completely in tune with His because His love is better than life. I pray that all that He has in store for you would come to pass. I pray that Daddy and I would answer this call to be your parents in a way that proves our love for you and honors God in every way. That we would somehow help mold you into the man God has destined for you to be. I pray that in every way we fall short, that God would cover it with His abundant grace. I pray you know you are loved, that you are secure in it and that joy fills your heart because of it. Cayle you are amazing. I pray that this 10th year grows you and challenges you and that you feel more like a man at the end of it. I pray that your wild heart beats with Jesus' and that His adventure in front of you excites you.

Happy birthday my son. Thank you for being you.


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