Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 years in 31 days

(If you're here after the challenge has started, I have linked all the posts at the bottom of this one.)

I have never done anything like this. Ever. I've been blogging for close to 10 years now and not once have I ever taken on a challenge. I happened upon "The Nester" via Jen Hatmaker a few months back over this book:

which was so super encouraging for a girl who is learning how to decorate and make her mark in her own house. My favorite part: "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." Yes. So good. Feeling applications to this all over my ever lovin life right now. Ah hem.

So that's how I met Myquillyn. And now I follow her on Instagram because that's my new social media since I love photography and I don't love drama. Hehehe. And yesterday I happened upon this via Myquillyn's insta.

And now we're here. A challenge. The irony is I have been praying for months now for writing material. I have longed for and even pleaded with the Lord for an outlet. I've been dabbling here and there of late, but I have never taken on a challenge of this magnitude: Blog every. single. day for 31 days.

So this is fast and furious because I just saw this yesterday and today is October 1st so I thought a lot about it and here's what I got:

I'm 31. Until next February, this is my 31st year. And man has it been a doozy. And I have spent so much time in the last months thinking about my whole life and what I understand about it, and what I don't, and what I want to understand about it, and who I'm becoming, and YEAH. All the words. And I thought how ironic it was that there are 31 days in October and the challenge is to write for 31 days and I'm THIRTY. FREAKING. ONE. Coincidence? Not in my book. (By the way, just as an aside, because apparently I am the mother of five children and maybe sleep deprived, I have had to add up my age a total of like 10 times just to verify my age. I wish I was kidding.)

So you're with me? We're doing this. In the next 31 days I'm going to rehash my life. I have no idea why, but I also have no idea why not. I'm going to begin at the beginning and I promise not to be boring or to labor over things that are insignificant. I promise to be real and transparent with the things that do matter, and I promise to protect the innocent and let them remain unnamed. That doesn't mean I won't talk about them, because if they end up here, they mattered pretty significantly, but I can't fault them or my past or my pain. It's part of me now. Those things don't define me, but they compile me.

I hope you'll read with me and comment and give me feedback and cry with me and laugh. I'm on a quest to pull life and meaning and joy from my past. To see Jesus in it. To share it with others in the hope that they might find familiarity and camaraderie in my story. And when you have writer's block, you have to start somewhere. 

So I'm going to begin at the beginning...

Day 1: you're here!
Day 2: The Beginning of Me
Day 3: The Wonder Years
Day 4: Coming of Age
Day 5: NWJH Part 1
Day 6: NWJH Part 2
Day 7: MUSH: Sophomore Year
Day 8: MUSH: Junior Year
Day 9: NPHS: Senior Year
Day 10: UALR: Freshman Year
Day 11: UALR: Sophomore  Year
Day 12: No post. Sorry!
Day 13: Goin to the Chapel
Day 14: The First Year
Day 15: Faithful and Bold
Day 16: No post. Sorry!
Day 17: 2005
Day 18: An Apology and An Aside
Day 19: An Aside, Part 2
Day 20: Her Name Means Praise
Day 21: Kansas City
Day 22: Cancer
Day 23: An Aside: Part 3
Day 24: This is my story
Day 25  Sometimes
Day 26    Life
Day 27    Gets
Day 28   In the way :)
Day 29: 2009-2011
Day 30: 2012-2014


  1. Glad to be able to peek into your life a bit! Miss you friend! :)

  2. I miss you too @LisaD! It's amazing how a city so close makes me so far away. :( Love you friend!

  3. To my little girl who is so blessed in your ability to remember and write.
    I am so proud of you. I am so blessed to be your daddy. I love you.
    I thank Jesus for letting me relive your story.

    1. Love you Daddy. You are precious to me. I figure I better get this down now because in 30 more years I won't have the brain capacity to remember this much! Lol!


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