Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pack up all the things!

So we're moving. Yep, you heard me.

This is how it went down.

So we had two kids, then we added another, and then we added two more, all in like a year (or something). And suddenly our awesome sauce house got REALLY small with seven people and two dogs and only 1200 square feet. And this cool thing happened called a church plant (!) after hubs and I had been feeling restless spiritually and were thinking our canoe was about to do something a bit different. So back in October we said yes to the church plant and put a "For Sale By Owner" sign in our front yard, honestly thinking it would never sell that way. I had an ad on Zillow and we had good movement but nothing solid. And I have been feeling so disconnected and longing, LONGING to be living in community So much that I stepped back from Facebook to try to embrace authentic relationships again. Being the church with others is the longing of my heart and so I've been longing for our move. (And longing for more room. This is not a big secret, but these villagers need to get away from each other sometimes, ya know?)

So a few weeks ago I was crying out to God that if He wanted us to move, that not another month would go by without our house selling. And the following Monday I got a phone call from someone wanting to see our house. And the Saturday after that they made us a full price offer. And we accepted it. And the next day we looked at houses to move into. The last one we saw was the house I've been eyeballing on Zillow for months myself. Prayerfully eyeballing. And I felt certain in my spirit that we would KNOW that our house was our house when we walked into it. And when we walked into that house, my heart started thumping, thumping and it felt like home. And so we made an offer on that house and they countered and we accepted and WE'RE MOVING!! We're moving to a bigger house with 4 bedrooms and a stinking jacuzzi tub and a walk in closet and can I just tell you that my eyes have filled with big crocodile tears over how much God loves me to give me more than I even asked for or deserve? Man that Guy loves me!!

So we're packing all the things. Bless all those things. I mean I run a tight ship around here and we don't have a lot of "extras" (ask anyone who comes to eat with us) but packing seven people's stuff is not for the faint of heart. But then having seven people is not for the faint of heart either. So I digress.

And in a little over a month we should be sitting in a court room while a judge tells our babies that they are now officially Wilsons. And then we're having a throw down adoption party. No clue what that looks like because I'm packing all the things, but bless it I told those babies they would get a party and so help me they will get a party!!

So we're over our heads packing, signing house papers, signing other house papers, signing legal papers, doing inspections, and dealing with lenders. And packing. (Totally procrastinating on that while I sit here and type. Did I mention I don't like packing? Or, sigh, unpacking?)

My heart is overwhelmed with God's mercy, His answering, His love for us. Sometimes I'm baffled by my faithlessness in how I pray when He tells us to ask, to approach the throne of grace boldly. But His timing is perfect and I stand in awe of all He has done in these last few weeks.

Blessed be Your Name, Lord. Blessed be Your Name. Please go before us and make this house a Lighthouse that draws people into You. Help us love, bless, and preach the gospel with boldness and just like You would Jesus. Make this house Your home.

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