Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's my birthday AND Gulley photo shoot

Today is my birthday. I'm 31. I bought a microdermabrasion system yesterday with my birthday money. The only other thing I have to say about that (whilst your laughing) is that I am so THANKFUL to be alive. All of my little pits and pats and villagers and dishes and laundry and moments where I feel sunk, can just remind themselves of about six years ago when I was walking around with a cancerous tumor inside my boob and how that sucker got lost (along with a lot of other things) and I am REMINDED that I. Am. Alive. Thank you 31. Thank You Jesus. And thank you amazing vibrating, skin sloughing thingy that only cost $20.

Ah hem.

So I do photography. I know you may not know that. Or you might. It's a hobby. A creative outlet. I took a studio class (where I actually got to develop my own pictures in a dark room. Yes this was in the prehistoric days before digital photography was popular. Quit yawning and go Google what I'm talking about!) in college and I've been hooked ever since. Basically this plays out with me taking some pretty cool pictures of my kids or nature, but on occasions I've been blessed to shoot for friends and family. I've thought sometimes about making a go of it in a business sense, but it hasn't really struck my fancy up till this point. That being said, this is really a ministry to me, and if you need some pictures of your family (and don't feel like you can afford them) hit me up and let me use my outlet already! Creative energy needs a zone people. Seriously.

That being said, I recently got to take maternity pictures for my sweet friends the Gulleys. God blessed us richly with these friends in our neighborhood and you may remember I took pictures of them about a year ago. This was actually my first maternity session and I am honestly super excited with how these pictures turned out!

Absolute favorite! ^^^

My friend is kind of a hottie huh? Hot MAMA!!

Could eat those cheeks! Love him!

And the amazing thing is that THAT little bambino decided to making his appearance the very next morning!! Whew! Good timing on the maternity pictures heh? Hopefully I"ll be posting soon with a newborn photo shoot under my belt.

There are LOTS of things happening in the Wilson Village. Things that will need their own blog post. Moving things. Shaking things. Boxes of things. You have had your foreshadowing and metaphor for the day and I will leave you to ponder the implications. *wink*

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