Friday, October 4, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

It's October. That means "Breast Cancer Awareness Month."
I just feel like I need to drop the mic for a second. Could I do that?

Could I just say that unless "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" and pink ribbons, and boobies, and racing for the curish, and hearing other people's stories of being diagnosed with this horrid disease make you go, "Wow, I'm more aware!"

I'll just stop there. If it totally makes you go, "Wow, I'm more aware!" then just stop reading. Mmkay?

For the rest of us, this is a problem ya'll. I mean this is an annoying, grating, I-don't-understand kind of deal. I went through a season of being grateful for all of this support, and as a survivor I totally appreciate the outpouring of love I have felt during the race for the curish and stuff. And I wear my pink "Survivor" shirt proudly. But lately I'm just feeling like it's all just this big show that keeps getting bigger and bigger and it's kind of starting to make me sick. The statistics are horrible for breast cancer. I'm not even going to tell you what they are, but suffice it to say they aren't good. And more and more young women are getting this. And when I think about all of that, I just want to understand why?

And then the other day I read something disgusting that said that even when you've done all "they" have told you to do that you can still have a cancer recurrence down the road. And that because "they" don't understand why what "they" are doing isn't working long term (even after chemo, surgery, drugs, radiation) "they" hope that one day we'll just be able to treat breast cancer like a chronic condition. 
Like asthma, "they" said. 

Are you frickin kidding me? Like asthma? My husband has asthma. I had breast cancer. There is no comparison, and the fact that "they" would attempt to make one, makes me sick to my stomach.

So why is it that we keep racing for the curish and wearing pink and all this crazy money keeps getting donated and yet more and more women are being diagnosed with breast cancer, younger and younger, and nothing is changing?

And on a personal note, I'm just at a place where I don't want to hear that more and more people are being diagnosed. I'm just over it. I don't mean that ugly or to disregard who that is happening to. I'm actually in a support role of newly diagnosed young women here locally. But I don't want the media to make a big thing of it because it's "breast cancer awareness month." Because are we really creating awareness? Or are we feeding some kind of monster? Some kind of pink, boobie-filled monster? I mean if they called it "Breast Cancer Survivor month" that might be one thing. Or if the "awareness" actually created awareness and aided in prevention and if the effects of this cancer were slowing down rather than increasing, maybe then I would be okay with it.

But right now I'm not.
So thank you for remembering me, for those of you who do. Thank you for writing my name on your sign on your shirt when you race. Thank you for wanting to help. But, please, do me a favor and do your self-exams. Regardless of what "they" tell you, that's what saved my life. And, please, if you don't mind, before you donate money that is supposed to go to research...know where/who/what it is going to.

Mic dropped. Thanks for indulging me.

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