Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm still here!


You know I think it must just be that I get overwhelmed after so much time has passed and then I feel like I need to stage a come back and have something super important to say before I blog again. So more time passes. And I digress.

I'm still here! It's only been 5 months since I posted last!

And I do have something important to say, but I'm just not feeling like I can articulate it quite yet, so I will just update you on the normal life stuff instead.

So we're expecting. Two boys actually. Nope I'm not pregnant (didn't you know I've had a hysterectomy?!). We're adopting. We are anxiously waiting these two more members of our family to join us. I'm hopeful that they will be here by the end of this month. I still don't feel quite right telling the whole story, but suffice it to say it is good and I will tell it one day soon. You have my word. And in case you lost count, that would be FIVE children. Yeah, we be all crazy and stuff.

We had a great summer. We went on our first family cruise:

Cayle and Alaya had their first year of swim team. I am so proud of them because they both had to overcome a lot of fear to participate, but they are both so much stronger at swimming now!

Baby A turned 1 and Alaya turned 7!!

We started our (gulp!) 4th year of homeschooling! Cayle is in 3rd grade and Alaya is in 2nd. They are doing so many fun things at their co-op and at home this year and I am super excited to be teaching them. I wish I could describe how overjoyed I am that God has chosen me for this and that He blesses it in every facet.

I just started my 7th semester teaching college students. I am teaching only online now because I really felt the Lord prompting me to refocus after this past semester. I can't be superwoman, but oh how I try. (And fail.) I am finding that I like the online forum and so far it is going well. I feel a lot more focused at home and less stressed by all the running around I was doing before.

Daddywayne and I celebrated our 10th anniversary:

Gosh I love him. There just aren't enough words for all the ways I  have been and am blessed by him. I CANNOT believe we have been married for 10 years. Getting. Old.

I think that is a sufficient update for all that has happened since April. I am so excited/nervous/anxious/preparing for the rest of our children that I can't fully wrap my mind around it. I think the amazing thing, though, is God is calling me to wait and trust. No grace for tomorrow; grace for TODAY.

Pray for us if you will! We are on an adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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