Thursday, November 29, 2012

This thing I love...

I gasped aloud realizing that it has been since May that I have written. Since May that I have done this thing that I so dearly love and enjoy.

Oh I've graded papers. Freshman ones. The kind that make you want to claw your skin until you get to the end. And the other ones that are really good, and hard, and true, and break your heart for the life lived.

But I've done so much more than that. I've given birth again. Only not. I've become a mom to three. One is nearly 8 (in two, gulp, weeks), one has turned six (really?!), and one is five months old. I have experienced what it is like to fall in love with a child who looks nothing like me, who didn't come from my womb, and yet I have cared for her from birth. Oh the stories I have...

And the pictures...
One day, Lord willing.

Since July 2, I have become a mom again, stayed up all hours of the night again, learned to mother three,  celebrated my ninth wedding anniversary, started (and now almost finished!) another semester teaching college students, started (and almost finished!!) another semester homeschooling second and first grade, been blessed with the purchase of my dream car: a Honda Odyssey...just the tip of the iceberg.

So this thing I love. I should do this more. For me. For these kids I love and the hubs I love. I should do it because doing it and rereading it brings me unspeakable joy. Ebenezers. Yeah. That sounds like a good New Year's Resolution: Write More.

New Year?! Wasn't it just January 1st yesterday?

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