Friday, February 24, 2012

29, 14, Running...

February 12th was my 29th birthday. It was a lovely day full of Jesus, friendship, delish food, and love. It couldn't have been more perfect.

I spent Valentine's day eating an AHMAZING dinner with my love and our dear friends. It was a great day.

My love. <3 He made me these awesome coupons that entitle me to things that really make my heart melt. Like house cleaning, bubble baths, and unplanned (by me) date nights. He really loves me. I love him back.
And what I got him is unmentionable, but I'm quite sure he also felt very loved.

The Lord has been leading me for about six months now to run. I told the Lord I didn't think I could, but He is very persistent. So I started the C25K running program.

Sunrise. Which I rarely see. 

I completed week one last week and I was so, so grateful that I ran, even a little bit. The time with the Lord has been amazing. 
The sad thing is that I also got hurt last week. 
Not running. 
Changing a light bulb. 
I fell. 
So now I'm under doctor's orders to rest for five days. Lord willing I will start again next week.

Science experiment. Thanks Pinterest. ;) 
(Baking soda spread on a cookie sheet and food colored vinegar in droppers. The kids LOVED it.)

Homeschool is going well. I'm learning a lot about expectations and staying loose. If we miss a day because we have a doctor's appointment, we can make it up. The beauty of homeschooling is flexibility. The other beauty of homeschooling is how quickly you can move through the material because you don't have 20 children or recess to contend with. I'm thankful to be on this journey and I continue to get so much life and joy out of it. Pretty sure the kids do too. At least that's what they tell me. ;)

Finally, my first attempt at painted pottery. My sweet friend had a birthday party at a local paint your own pottery place and this is what I did (pre-firing). I did not write the words, but I did come up with the design and paint the rest. I can't wait to see the final product!

Obviously I haven't been busy at all. I thought when I added the blog app to my phone I would be able to stay better up-to-date. Apparently not.

More to come!

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