Friday, January 13, 2012

To catch up:

What I've been up to since Christmas:

Decisively planning a wedding proposal with my mom and youngest brother.

Creating gifts

Getting awesome hand-me-downs from my way trendy and gorgeous younger sister.

Working on my first knit in nearly four years. My first afghan, knit all in garter stitch (the only one I can do!) with chunky yarn and size 13 needles.

Trying new recipes. Thanks Pinterest!

Laughing at this little girl. She's super rotten and super fun.

We have also taken a huge step toward fostering/adoption by attending our first weekend training (one 10 hour day and one 6 hour day!). Our next one is next weekend and while this training is serious and prepares us extensively for the possible situations we could face as foster parents, the thing that rings true is that God has so called us to this. He keeps affirming: through friends showing up unexpectedly to training with us, a coworker of mine being on staff at the nonprofit we are doing training through, sitting at a table with a couple who are also intercessors and have crazy cool God stories, and the inevitable way you know you are in God's will: the enemy attacks in very specific and strategic ways. This is a BIG deal. We don't take it lightly. But He has called us here. He will give us grace for the moment, I'm confident of that. We are confident of that.

We started back to school this week and I am so proud of the kids for jumping right back in. They never cease to amaze me with their intelligence and their inquisitiveness. I am blessed beyond measure to teach them. I am grateful to God for equipping me for this task and giving me passion for it. I'm grateful for the kids' wisdom, diligence, and desire to learn. It isn't easy every day. But it is fruitful. I'm thankful for fruit.

I am now teaching writing part-time at two local colleges. Fortunately (for my sanity) I am only overlapping through the month of January and then  I'm back down to just one school. It has been an interesting mental transition from a five week course back to a 16 week course. I'm looking forward to being able to slow the pace down a little, though, as far as presenting the material. It will take some of the pressure off.

In my seeking of daily joy, my goal is to participate in the Joy Dare that Ann Voskamp has initiated and blog through my progress. Obviously I'm behind on January, but we'll see what I can do. Be watching for these posts!

To sign off, here is day 13, "3 Sounds you hear":

Tug of war

Sweet questions.

The rhythm of typing fingers, doing something they love.

Bless You, Abba, for Your precious gifts.

Happy New Year friends!

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