Monday, December 19, 2011

Secret Santa-d

When I checked my mail today I found this little box...

With this inside...

A beautiful handmade ornament with the initials "JK11" on the back.
In this cute little pastels box, no less! Adorable!

Isn't that precious?

I was not expecting any ornaments and I got no clues from the lack of return address. be honest I'm no good at secrets, so I did a little digging. My husband noticed the zip code on the front of the box and we pinned the location down. It still didn't give me any hints as to the sender. So then I googled "ARWB" as written on the front of the box and remembered that I had recently joined:

Arkansas Women Bloggers

So I did a little more digging on their webpage, and now I think I've discovered that the mystery sender is none other than...


Hope I don't get into too much trouble for digging a little bit.  *wink*

I just had to give the ARWB some umps for making a girl feel welcome. And now I have another beautiful addition to my tree!

Thank you Julie!! Merry Christmas!


  1. Thats a gorgeous ornament! was there some sort of secret santa exchange through ARWB?

  2. No I don't think so. I was completely surprised by it, but perhaps it's a welcome gift? Or just a nice gesture? Either way I'm blessed! There's been so much hard stuff that I will surely take the good stuff!

  3. Hi Shana! Yes it was ME that made the ornament! We did a drawing of all of the recent registrants on ARWB and you were selected to win an ornament handmade by me! I think it is even more cool that you didnt know and did all that fun investigating! How cool! I hope you enhoy it and I hope you have a Merry Christmas! I hope to get to know you through ARWB in the New Year!

  4. Aww that's awesome! Thanks so much and I look forward to getting to know you guys too! It was a fun surprise!

  5. Wow...I am Julie's sister and I didn't even get one!! Its awesome. She is so creative and talented. Lucky you!!

  6. Thanks Julie's sister! I'm blessed! :)

  7. I got one too and loved the packaging almost as much as the ornament. Beautiful!

  8. Love it! Welcome from another of the ARWB gals, Shana! Julie might be one of the coolest people I've ever met. I was a lucky recipient as well.

    I love the pay it forward feeling to a special package in the mail. I challenge myself to do more quiet, creative things for people, and Julie has set a great example for 2012. I feel motivated. Enjoy, and thanks for getting involved with Arkansas Women Bloggers!



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