Monday, September 19, 2011


I suck at balance.
There, I said it.
I like schedules, but I get bent out of shape when they fail. So I quit them. And I fly by the seat of my pants. 

I mean, I have lists. Lots of lists. But I'm not "scheduled." More like "loosely planned."

So some days school gets done and I have fun with the kids, but the dishes are stacked high, as is the laundry. And some days I have to work teaching college students and it takes many more hours than I expected it to and school doesn't get done. Ahem.

Yeah so the whole teaching college students thing has thrown another wrench into my seeking to find balance. Not in a bad way though.

I'm loving the teaching, PS. God totally has me there and it's about WAY more than money. Or using my degree. He has lives He wants me to touch with His hands, and His words, and His life. Good stuff.

So tomorrow is Monday. The kids go to co-op (hopefully, because last week I woke up with vertigo so bad I couldn't drive so they DIDN'T go to co-op which severely threw off my whole week. Ack! Schedule!) and I need to:
  • Drop kids off
  • Clean, iron, hang, and tag Rhea Lana's stuff (but first I need to go to the store to get tags)
  • Grade assignments for 12 students and input those grades in the system.
  • Plan for four hours of class Wednesday night
  • Try to sell our car
  • Finish all of my undone projects around the house (that are laying effortlessly on the floor so we can trip over them)
  • Schedule time to do family pictures
  • Pick kids up from school
  • Cook dinner
Mmhmm. You really believe all of that is going to get done don't you? I can just about guarantee you that just items #2 and #3 won't get done because I know how long that will take me and there just aren't enough hours.

But I'm not stressed. I'm sure I sound like it, but I'm genuinely not. This post is really about my pursuit of the balance. Notice that "time with Jesus" wasn't on that list? Yeah, that's a problem. HE is really what I'm missing. If I'll spend some time with Him in the morning He'll show me what to do with my day. He always does. But if I don't, I'll spend my day flitting about getting projects halfway done, or being so overwhelmed that I get nothing done, and exhausted at the end of the day.

I need Him.
He is my balance.
Lord, teach me. I am a stupid, stupid sheep.

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