Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taking my breath away

There is so much I long to say but I am also so exhausted! Gosh it's after midnight!

Jesus is taking my breath away. I am coming alive in ways I have never experienced. He is moving and showering down on us in ways we have prayed for for so long. I remember standing in the prayer room in Kansas City with my hand over the state of Arkansas or my finger directly on Little Rock and sobbing. I was asking God to please come alive again in our city and in our state. Despite the fact that we were living in the most  spiritually dense, full, and amazing environment I could have imagined being part of this side of Heaven, all I could think about was God's kingdom come and His will be done in Arkansas.

We moved back for that. We came to the Summit for that. God strategically brought a unique blend of people who love Jesus passionately and pursue Him with a righteous hunger together in a church that was status quo.  We all wondered why? Why were we at church that often struggled with just the simple act of worship when we all wanted to bust out in dance and intercession and prophecy? But we knew. When we all met each other we began to piece it together. Him. HIM. He had a plan and He wanted to use us.

And now it's happening. Now what we have collectively longed for, prayed for, weeped over, and begged for is happening.

It all started Sunday, April 3rd when a sermon about the Holy Spirit and revival got interrupted with  "Let's pray for it now!" People fled to the altar. There was crying and worship and confession and random baptisms. The service lasted four hours. Unprecedented.

Then Monday was a regularly scheduled monthly time of prayer and worship. 275 people showed up. What was started on Sunday continued.

Into Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday. 300 people. 350 people. Baptisms. Confessions. Healings. We took a break Saturday but Sunday the 9am service flowed into the 11am service and we didn't stop until 2:30. And then tonight: 7-11pm.

I've missed so much of what has happened at the front because God has been using me. I've been praying. People are starting to come and find me to ask me to pray with them and I'm just in awe. God told me years ago that He wanted me to be an intercessor, and while being used by Him appealed to me, the idea of praying for hours seemed, well, boring. So I asked Him to give me His heart in it and I would willingly take whatever He gave me. He placed a burden in my heart for prayer that has only increased with each passing year. It is a joyous burden to have. And to see the fruit it is producing! My heart is full!! That HE wants to use ME?! I have no words. I've had the opportunity to pray, contend, and encourage so many in the last week and it seems to be increasing. I feel so poured out but so filled up at the same time.

This is the most amazing experience of my life so far.

I can't wait to see what happens next...

(If you want to read more about what is happening or watch some videos of the services you can view them here.)

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