Friday, August 27, 2010

What's up Wilsons?

I keep coming to my blog and thinking, "There's SO much I want to talk about." I'm actually so overwhelmed with possible writing topics that I've taken to procrastination. I'm also so overwhelmed with busyness that I haven't had time to post. But I've decided I don't mind the busyness. Cayle said to me earlier this week, "Mom, I feel bad for you because you're so busy." And in response I said (without much of a thought), "Cayle I'm just grateful that I feel good enough to be busy." It hit me in that moment: I feel good. After so many days, weeks, months...I finally feel good again. Now don't get me wrong, some things will never be the same. I have minor aches and pains now that I never had before, but I'm so grateful that they don't keep me from living. I spent so many months on the couch. Grateful to be back in the trenches. :)

So what have we been doing? Well we've been homeschooling. Although admittedly I've already discovered that homeschooling will have to "go with the flow" because sometimes the flow means a four year old who feels bad for two days because of her four year old shots. Oh and a four year old who gets a stomach virus the next week that leaves her mama reeling from being up all night. But the beauty of it is that we can schedule it how we need to. We can catch up in the evenings or, if they're motivated, double up one day.

I think I'm discovering that this, just like other aspects of raising children, doesn't come with a preset "this works for everyone, all the time." I have actually felt pretty relaxed about it all. I was stressed when ordering curriculum, but now I'm just excited. I'm excited about what they're learning. I'm excited that I get to teach them. I'm excited when I hear a sweet little boy say, "Mom, thank you for homeschooling us." <3

Classes started back for me last week. Well this week. Okay, well actually next week because I wasn't able to attend my first Wednesday night class because Tuesday night was when I was up from 12:30-5:30 with a very sick little girl. But classes have started. I only have to sit in one class this semester and defend my thesis. Then I'm done. Done with my MA. :)

But the thesis. Well my schedule is already being manipulated a little. I was hoping to be done with my draft before classes started. Now my goal is September 1st. I'm 54 pages in and need at least 70. Really I just need motivation. I love working on it when I get started, but I need chunks of time to work on it because I get frustrated when I get going really well and have to stop. Really I need to just manage my time better. And lay off the Facebook. ;)

This week, in addition to taking care of a sick child and homeschooling, I steam cleaned our couches. And painted a bookshelf. A sweet friend of ours built us an awesome bookshelf and I didn't want him to paint it since he was so kind to build it, so I offered to paint it. It has taken me all week. Let's just say that so called "one coat paints" don't really play by the rules. Three coats and some additional touching up later, the shelf is complete:

And just to prove that we have been busy bees, I'll include some other pictures from our recent adventures.

First day of school at our Homeschool Co-op.

I love these two! Muah!

We celebrated our 7th anniversary on August 9th in Hot Springs. It was an awesome, much needed weekend away for us and we got to stay in a beautiful lakeside cabin that belongs to friends of ours. What a blessing!

This was our dessert on our last night in Hot Springs.

This was as we were about to eat our dessert.

And this was the dessert after we attacked it. Oh it was SO GOOD. :)

The lone picture I got from our trip to Silver Dollar City the weekend after our anniversary. Isn't that sad? I'm sort of half awake in this picture because I had been sleeping in the car when we stopped here.

Alaya and Daddy at Purple Cow with her free milkshake for her fourth birthday.

I have been chewing on some spiritual things lately too, but I'm pretty sure I've overwhelmed you enough with our goings on. :)

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