Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer, schmummer...

It's hot. Already. The kind of hot that only Arkansas can have. The kind of hot in which you walk outside into a thick, invisible pool of humidity. You feel dirty and nasty. Your hair curls up into amazing spirals after you just spent 30 minutes straightening it. HOT I tell ya! Barely into June and I'm missing spring. Good thing there's a pool close by.

And I was out of classes for two weeks (and what a lavish, restful, blissful, AMAZING two weeks those were) and have now started again. I'm taking a 5 week class online. When it's over I have to resume thesising in order to be done by the time classes start again in August. But I still am determined to consider this a break. It is really, I'm doing most things at my own leisure which is much better than having deadline after deadline. I'm also enjoying my babies! :) Looking forward to being lazy with them, going to the pool with them, and soaking them up. They are growing so fast! Cayle has four teeth out now. He lost two but he had to get two pulled this week because his permanent teeth are the size of two of his baby teeth. He handled it really well but I felt really sorry for him. I hooked him up with lots of good, soft, unhealthy foods. ;)

I've been wrestling a little with some health issues again. The wrestling is much more mental/emotional/spiritual than it is physical, although there are definitely physical symptoms. I'm waiting. Waiting is always, always, ALWAYS the hardest part. Waiting is the fertilizer for growth, though, I've decided. So I'm trying to embrace the waiting. Not trying to cause wide-spread panic. I'm okay friends. No news is GOOD news, right? So if there is some other news, I will let you know. Promise.

And on my agenda is to lose, once and for all, this stupid freakin 30 pounds I've gained since cancer and hypothyroidism invaded my life. I'm motivated but lack follow through. So I'm going to try to schedule exercise for myself. I need discipline and self-control. Pray for me about this if you will. I'm tired of feeling "fat". I mean I know that supposedly Marilyn Monroe was a size 14, but I much prefer myself at like a 10. So here's to me working on that!

Now I must flee dear, beloved blog readers (whoever you are...if you are!) because many tasks await me this night. Good night!!

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