Friday, April 30, 2010

Photos my friends. Photos!

My budding three-and-a-half year old photographer of a daughter took the following...
(We were posing. Just in case you didn't know.)

She's a cute one, that girl... (mommy took these)

Yes she's dancing now. And she loves it. :)
I had to take one of that cute booty!
"Yo, yo check it!" (She gets that from her dad.)
I've been noticing lately that she looks a lot like her daddy. She is SO beautiful. She is told that everyday by passing strangers, and her parents. :)

And our handsome son lost his first tooth!

Yes at 5 he has already lost a tooth. You may recall, if you've followed my blog for a while, that my "advanced" son cut his first two teeth at 2.5 months old. He had all his teeth but his second set of molars by the time he was a year old! So we weren't too surprised when he had a wiggly tooth. He has a cute little lisp now. :)

And Easter...
First time I've been in a dress in...well who knows? But I had my spanx on and I felt pretty. :)
Hope you feel visually updated!

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