Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yes both.

It's beautiful outside. The sun has been shining, the trees and daffodils are blooming. We've been playing outside. Oh I love spring!

And this week has been spring break for Cayle and I. I have had so much joy in sleeping in...really late. My kids have been sleeping in. We are all still in our pajamas from last night and it's 6pm!! I remember these days! Days when I had a newborn and a toddler and we could barely keep our eyes open, let alone get ourselves dressed for the day. Wow time flies. It feels good to just chill. No rushing around from early in the morning till late in the evening.

We are preparing to home school in the fall. I'm really excited about this! I have purchased the following materials this week:

1) The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise
2) The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading by Jessie Wise
3) Bob Books: Set 1 and Set 2

Cayle spelled his first word yesterday: Kroger. We were getting gas at Kroger and Cayle said, "Mommy I can spell Kroger" and proceeded to do so. He recognizes all the letters now, can write all of them, and can sound them out, with some confusion between similar sounds (eg: c/k, g/j). So then today he told Dwayne, "Daddy I can spell Kroger. K-R-O-G-R-E." I know!! He sounded it out and spelled it! So, hence the reading instruction. I'm going to work with him a little now and over the summer and hopefully he'll be reading before we actually start kindergarten. He is VERY motivated right now.

Alaya is learning a lot too. She can write her A and knows most of the letters by site and sound. I'm really excited about homeschooling. I have really enjoyed reading The Well-trained Mind because it is such a practical way of teaching and it suits our personalities well. I also think it is a unique gift from God because it is a very rhetorically based way of educating, which is what both my BA and MA are in. We are also going to use a home-school co-op next year that uses a classical education approach and will begin our school week and reinforce what we're doing at home.

Life has been really crazy lately between school, my Premier business, Alaya's dance, Dwayne's work, small group, church... I won't go into a lot of detail here but Dwayne is back at Mimi's Cafe waiting tables. There is a lot that has happened that I haven't mentioned here because of how public my blog is. Essentially there was a lot of financial miscommunication at his former place of employment and it was causing too much stress for our family. We have no idea what is next for us. This last month has been extremely difficult because we went from house-hunting with hopes of buying in the near future, to Dwayne's job change, to realizing that right now we can't see into the future very far. We are content to be here as long as God has us here but it has been an emotional ride. We long to provide a little more space and a yard for our kids to play in. We long for consistency in Dwayne's job, not just in where he works, but in how much he is making. I long for others to see how valuable he is as an employee and treat him with the respect and appreciation he deserves.'s been very emotional for me. He has handled it well. I think we both are just trying to adjust again to a new schedule and not try to plan too far into the future as far as finances or living arrangements are concerned.

But it's spring. I'm grateful for new life and believing that that isn't just seasonal but spiritual. Loving that this season is remembrance of who I am in Christ because of what He gave for me and the fact that He rose on the third day and is ALIVE. I'm alive! What joy! So I will breathe in the sweet smell of spring and savor the sunshine and new life that is blooming everywhere. I will relish the moment and not worry about what is around the corner, because the One who knows has it in the palm of His hand. He will not leave us or forsake us. Praise You Abba!

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  1. Sometimes it is so goo to hang out in your jammies and not worry about getting stuff done! I wanted to see you this week, but Phoenix has had the croup pretty bad and we are all still holed up with sickness. Ug. Someday we'll be well and can see you without transmitting all our germs!


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