Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yeah it's weird that its 2010. It's sad that we're 16 days into it and I'm just now blogging, but I've been a little busy.

Cayle went back to school on the 4th. I had surgery that day: a minor revision of my breast reconstruction. Spent all of that week sleeping and trying to wake up from anesthesia and pain meds. I started back to school on the 11th, we've had two birthday parties this week and I got my stitches out. Hopefully won't have to see the plastic surgeon anymore! Today I cleaned my parents house because they are showing it tomorrow and they paid me to help.

Dwayne is gone for the weekend on a men's retreat with our church. He got to lead worship for them and this blesses my heart tremendously. The kids have been a *little* wild but we've managed.

Dwayne and I are leading a small group starting the beginning of February with which I'm super excited about. We're calling it: "Igniting the Fire: Experiencing True Intimacy with Jesus." Basically this is a group for anyone who wants more depth in their relationship with Jesus and is willing to allow Him to rock their world. It will be somewhat of a prayer room format. I feel very humbled that He has called us to this and I'm excited to see what He does in the middle of it. I know God wants revival for this city and I pray He adds fuel to that fire in this next season.

I have pictures from Christmas but have just felt a little too busy/scattered to post them. Soon.

I've had some good writing prompts come to me as I was going to sleep this week, but unfortunately didn't write them down as a good writer would have. Hopefully they'll visit me again and I won't be so lazy. ;)

First post of the new year: done!

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