Thursday, November 5, 2009

Much to do about nothing...or something like that.

I love you my dear keyboard and on-screen page, but life at the present moment doesn't allow me the quality time I need with you. So how about an unfiltered, disorganized version with bullets? Great!

~I'm overwhelmed. In fact I've said of late that I'm drowning in school, teaching, home, health, and family. So the cure is that next semester I will be taking fewer courses. This will add an additional semester onto my load, but it is worth it for my sanity. This will also mean that some of my tuition will have to be paid for in student loans. Don't like this, but again sanity is pretty important. I LOVE what I'm doing, I don't like how I feel when I have a list 10 volumes thick of things I need to do.
~Health is...ehh. Just hit repeat on that cd. The main issues are that my right side is hurting. Bad. Couldn't hardly walk yesterday. Don't know why. Hoping something will show up on the scans I had today that will explain that. I also found out today that my thyroid levels are off again so they are going back up on my meds. This would, however, explain the swelling, fatigue, increased appetite and possibly the chronic sore throat. Grateful that the Lord has given me good understanding of my body; what's normal and what isn't.
~LOTS of cancer thoughts here lately. I think I'm trying to think about what I'm thinking about because I'm about to start my in-depth writing for my thesis project. Very interesting, these thoughts. Weird to analyze it from a writer's standpoint and then realize that it's me I'm thinking about. Very weird.
~My kids are amazing. Cayle can count to 40 and is writing and trying to read. Alaya is just so conversational. She cracks me up. We've also had some discipline issues here recently because she is *clearing throat* asserting her independence. Interesting the difference in she and Cayle at this age. She is very sneaky and tries to cover up her naughtiness with sweet words and batting eyes. My that child is a handful. Daddy falls for her whims more than he should, but we're a work in progress, this crew. Cayle is just I keep telling him he needs to let mommy and daddy worry about grown up things. Example: he has been watching the news with us at night. Seriously. Like sitting down and asking us questions about it. He likes Katie Couric. :) I hear him repeating my words as he talks to himself or plays with his toys. He reminds me A LOT of me. I worried about money and my parent's fighting from the time I was a little girl. I turned out okay but I hate the thought of him taking on adult stresses at a young age. Mom and dad couldn't have prevented me from doing it though, that is just how I was. They didn't give me more information than I needed, just as we don't with Cayle. So I'll just pray that God will protect that sweet innocent heart. And that He would help Alaya not to be so sneaky. One of her favorite phrases is, "I'm gonna sneak on you." Mm, hmm. :)
~Rubbing alcohol. This smell evokes many images of doctor's offices, surgeries, CANCER for me. Dr. Anderson told me this week that when we are traumatized our recollections of the experience are through images. I thought this was very interesting and the first image I thought of was, smelling rubbing alcohol. Just one of the few notes I've taken recently.
~I had to call campus police on a student recently. Definitely not my favorite day. It was nerve wracking and I totally hate the fact that sometimes teaching isn't all I have to do with these students, but it is what it is. And that's all I'll say about that.
~If I survive this month at school I will have a big party for myself and then crash and sleep for the whole month of December. No, when I survive. WHEN I survive...

And I'll leave you with this: "Cause my diaper is AWESOME! My diaper is hard core. I'm gonna wear it and I'll wear it with pride. And if I have to pee in it, oh I'll pee." (Lexie from Grey's Anatomy)

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  1. I'm interested in your thesis. Sounds very intriguing.


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