Friday, October 9, 2009

I was asked to tell my story to Komen Arkansas several months ago and I'm really honored to be featured on their blog today. Here is the link.

What's new?

This has been a busy week. Too busy to blog, though I have considered it multiple times. I've had to do midterm grades this week for my students and I have a midterm exam that I need to work on for one of my classes, but haven't really had time. I'm doing better stress-wise because I'm trying to breathe and pace myself and stop worrying about some of the balls I'm dropping. Can't keep 'em all going!!

Yesterday I noticed a sore lymph node under my left arm (the non-cancer side) which concerned me. Last night I felt one throbbing in my left leg, which concerned me even more. I'm still having weird symtoms in my right arm and I never got to go to the breast doctor about that because I got the flu and never rescheduled. So I called today and they will see me on the 19th.

A week of waiting. What do I do? I hate even calling because I worry they think I'm a walking panic attack...not that anyone has said that, but you know how I worry about what people think too much. I guess the reason I worry in this situation is because I'm afraid if I come in and its nothing that next time it might be something and they won't want to see me. This is a problem I realize and if you've walked in my shoes and could still tell me what to do, I'm more than happy to listen. Otherwise, I probably don't want to hear it. ;)

My daughter is beating up her brother. I'm not kidding. She's bigger now and she knows it. He can still take her, but she is at least holding her own now. They sure do love each other. My dad came by the other day and gave Alaya a dollar for her piggy bank. She asked if she could have one for Cayle too. When I told Cayle about that later, he said, "That's why I love my sister so much, because she is always doing sweet things for me." So sweet!

I just realized that the paragraph before last was a little unprecedented since I haven't mentioned these lymph node/flu issues before now. Oops! Well, now you know.

I'm sorry this is really a shallow post. I have some creative things to share but I'm too distracted right now with the kids and the phone ringing. Instead I'll share some recent pictures...

Love my fam!!

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