Friday, August 7, 2009

This is going to be random; I'm just saying...

Finally got my fatigue issue figured out. My thyroid medicine was causing my thyroid to overreact and put me into hyperthyroidism instead of hypo. I just started a lower dose of the medicine today. Praying it gets resolved quickly because I would really like to be at my best when school starts.

My parents' dog Buddy was put to sleep this week. They think he had leptosperosis and it was a very hard week. He was only like 8 years old, younger that my dog Tippy, and his kidneys and liver just started failing overnight. We have all cried a lot this week. He was a sweet, sweet dog and had this way of communicating with people that was really abnormal for dogs. He tried to talk, seriously. He was such a lover. I told my mom that everytime I went to their house, even if no one was home, Buddy made me feel so loved. He will be missed.

These are crappy pictures but I thought I would post them anyway. This is me being goofy (I think I was 18 or 19) with Tippy and Buddy. Tippy was wearing the thing on her head and buddy had the thing around his neck and was trying to bite me to get it off. It was fun. :)

This is Tippy (left) and Buddy. They loved each other and grew up together. I got Tippy when I was 16 and Buddy came about a year later. You could often find them napping together in the sun.

Listening to Food Network on the TV behind me. I'm addicted to that channel. It is truly sad. I've become a foodie and that ain't no lie. "Blame it on Dah-wayne" (He's gonna kill me for that.)

My sixth anniversary is in two days. Haven't gotten him anything. Don't have any plans. Don't even have sitter. I'm praying that it works out because we really need some grown-up time, even for just one night. And, c'mon it's our anniversary!
This is from 2007. I love him.
Alaya will be three next Saturday. THREE. Do you hear me people? How did that happen? How did she go from being a peanut in my tummy to a little girl who wears panties instead of diapers and talks like she's fifteen? She is a very opinionated and sassy little girl. Nobody had to teach her the art of persuasion, she was born with it. She reminds me so much of me but has double the stubbornness (a la both mom and dad). She is so beautiful and precious and I delight in her. She keeps us on our toes and loves to snuggle. She is growing up too fast. She shouldn't be starting preschool yet...

And Cayle shouldn't be starting pre-k. I'm more emotional about this than I can say. I'm holding it together but I just can't imagine him going to school from 7-2 Monday through Friday. I truly believe the Lord has led us here and we are fully prepared to pull him out if things start going awry...but it is hard. Possibly one of the reasons for this path...more of the letting go and trusting God. How much I would love a conversation with Abraham right about now...

Pray for us as we transition because it is going to be a wild ride for a little while. I am tentatively teaching 8am and 9am class MWF and Alaya will be in school those same days (so I will still have T and Th with her). Dwayne just started a second job that we are excited about and we are in the midst of trying to sell the motorcycle and buy a second car. I also have class myself on Monday nights and Tuesday nights (hence the reason we need a second vehicle that is more dependable in the weather than the motorcycle). Also I am trying to get the word out that I can, and want to, consult/tutor in writing/editing as another source of income. I started tutoring a student this past spring and it has gone well. Having also done the college boot camps this summer I realized that consulting/tutoring in this fashion (English classes, college entrance essay writing, etc.)is something that is needed. I really love to help people learn to write more proficiently, no matter the if you know of anyone that could use some help in this area, please pass the word on or let me know.

Hmm, what else? Oh I reread Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers a couple of weeks ago and I love that book. If you haven't read it-READ IT. Seriously. It will bless your heart.

Okay I feel I've sufficiently updated. Thanks for reading my meanderings. ;)

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