Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm way overdue for a post but I've only been a tad busy.

Alaya's third birthday was last Saturday and then I had a teaching workshop Monday and Tuesday this week, Cayle's open house for prek was Tuesday night and he started school Wednesday. I started teaching Friday and I had from Tuesday to Thursday get my syllabus done (because I didn't have enough info to do it before then). So...yeah. BUSY. :)

I have lots that I need to talk about, like being out of my meds for a few days and having an extremely tearful night on Monday (about everything, but particularly life change, like Cayle starting school and me working part-time). Cayle did amazingly well this week and really likes his class and teacher. Our "parent radars" are on high alert because if this ever stops being a good thing for Cayle then we will pull him out. We intend on gauging year-to-year how we are going to educate the kids because we want to do what's best for them. We really felt led to put Cayle in school this year, but like I said if the Holy Spirit starts burdening us that it isn't a good thing, we'll move to plan B. So far it seems like a really good thing. The first day of school my biggest blessing was Cayle's teacher telling me, "He asked when we were going to lunch, 'Are we going to pray before we eat?'" She was so encouraging to him in the moment and told him, "Well you can!" Really blessed my heart. He also has been praying more at night before we go to bed and he prayed last night for Alaya that God would, "help her to have a good heart to know You more and that You would teach her three-year-old things." So precious!! I was crying after that prayer because it was so honest and genuine and I know that Daddy was just overjoyed that His sweet little boy was talking to Him!

Oh, I keep meaning to write this down and I just remembered it, but Cayle's phrase for making new friends is, "learning new friends." I just think that's cute. :)

Alaya has had a harder week. I think she was a little beside herself not having Cayle around as playmate. She was really clingy and needy all week which was super stressful for me because I needed to be working on my school stuff but then I also needed to be there for her. Hence the reason for my emotionality this week. Yes I just said emotionality. Just go with it. :)

Dwayne is working days now, which is great, and he really loves his new job. He has an iphone and a laptop now and I'm just a *tad* jealous. :) (They aren't his, they belong to the company, but he gets to bring them home.) We just bought a new car last Friday. Well, new to us. It's a 2007 Honda Accord and we LOVE it. I need to post pics of that and Alaya's birthday. We traded in the motorcycle for the car because Dwayne has to drop the kids off on MWF mornings (when I teach) and I have to pick Cayle up in the afternoon, so the whole one car thing wasn't going to work anymore. I'm grateful for what the last five years of being a "one car" family has taught us about being frugal and simplicity. It has genuinely been a good thing and it was a little stressful buying a car again, but fortunately our Saturn is paid for so we only have one car payment. It would have been nice to pay cash for something but we just couldn't swing it.

My first day teaching was yesterday and it was a blast. I didn't like getting up at the butt-crack of dawn for my 8am class, but it was well worth it. It feels good to be doing something I love (that I haven't gotten to do before) and getting to contribute to our family's resources at the same time. :) I'm looking forward to the semester. I do better understand the battle of a working mom now though. This was another reason I was emotional this week. I mean I've been a SAHM for almost 5 years now so I've done a lot of second guessing here lately. But I genuinely believe God has led us here and now and I know that my heart is willing to lay it all down and move to another plan if that's what God has for us. I am excited about the ministry opportunity I have in this, I think these short breaks from the kids will make me a better mommy, and I'm excited about the possibility of this freeing us more finanically to breathe and bless others. :)

Okay I'm sure half of you are sleeping at this point. If you hung with me I appreciate it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Congrats on the new car! I'm glad you are enjoying teaching!


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