Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I saw the breast doctor today. I went in fully expecting to have a needle biopsy done and truly fully preparing myself for that biopsy to come back with bad results. I'm not usually pessimistic, but more of a realist and having been through this once before I didn't want to be blind-sided. But much to my surprise he examined me and told me that the "spot" was much smaller and he saw no need to biopsy it. More than likely this has just been a lymph node irritated by my breast implant and swollen. The combination of steroid cream and vitamin E pills has worked. Well, prayer and the glorious protective hand of God. Truly I believe lots of people have been praying and God has truly answered. I am SO grateful because I did not want to lose my hair. From chemo. Yes I had processed that far.

My Dallas trip was good. Interesting and hard in some ways, but good. I learned a lot about the boot camp process and I was very edified by getting to help students write some great essays and by the fact that they sought out my help and were grateful for it. It was really neat to be working with a Christian private school too because I was raised in public school. It was definitely a refreshing environment.

I also bought a REALLY cute purse at this store called Charming Charlies. It is plum colored and I am so excited about it because I haven't had a new purse in like two years. :) I'll post a picture sometime. We also stayed in a really cool hotel that was super modern. It was fun. We also ate at this place called Paradise and I'm so bummed that we don't have one in Little Rock because the breakfast was rockin! Apparently it is (which is news to me) owned by Panera Bread, which we do have but they didn't have breakfast quite like this. The ladies I went with and I thought it reminded us a lot of Panera in look and feel. :)

I am very glad to be home, in my own bed, with my husband, and my beautiful sweet children who seem to change when I am away from them for very long.

So there is my long overdue update. And I'm relieved.

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