Monday, July 13, 2009

Attack, Part II

I've mentioned to several people lately about the attack that my family and I have come under recently. It started with the lymph node under my arm, progressed for me and my parents/siblings/husband when I was in Texas-through my struggle with relationships and their cars being broken into-found out that a new friend had outright lied to me, and more. Today has certainly been an unprecedented day in my awareness of attack.

It started out pleasantly enough. We took the kids to their first day of swimming lessons. When we came home I turned around to go to Jacksonville for a *free* massage. (The story here, which is a blessing, is that the God-fearing woman who did my massages when I was going through radiation, opened her own place and called me to tell me that she was going to offer free massages for cancer patients the second Monday of the month. SO precious.) So I get to the location and Mitzi and I talked for a while and catch up since it's been a year since I've seen her. She is such an encouragement to me in the Lord and I love her heart. Then we did the massage and she prayed over all the tension and knots I have had in my jaws, ears (from jaws), neck, and shoulders. As she was praying I realized that my body had come under attack through the tension in my jaws which was radiating elsewhere. In her praying I realized that the enemy was attacking my mouth because I desire and try to bring God glory in my speech. He is also attacking my ears so that I might not hear the Word that brings life! All of this I would have summed up to TMJ, not realizing that every sickness is allowed through God's hands but is brought from the enemy. What a great realization!

She and I talked more, lots more, after the massage and I confided in her some personal struggles recently (mostly about the aforementioned things) and she really gave me some great insight and encouragement. I stayed much longer than I intended but finally parted and walked to the car. I opened it and started the engine. Nothing. Silence. I tried again, and again. The car wouldn't start. I immediately thought it was the battery because at a recent oil change they told us we would need a new one soon (but said it wasn't dire). Well I needed to get my jumper cables out of the back hatch, but our car goes into lockdown mode when the battery dies because it thinks someone is trying to break in, so all the doors locked (except the driver's side) and I couldn't even force them open by hand. So I crawled to the back seat and began rummaging around the spare tire area for the jumper cables. Found them, popped the hood, and I need a screwdriver to get to the battery compartment. (Praise God for my husband who put one in the glove box for such a time as this.) Finally, we (Mitzi and I) get it jumped and I leave to go again. Call Dwayne to tell him what happened and ask where I should go next, home or to get a battery. We decide I should come home and he'll take care of it. Well I get to the light at Main Street and I am praying and thanking God that even though the battery died that He allowed it to be where Mitzi could help me, instead of in the middle of the road. And then I started rebuking the devil. I said, "Satan I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus." And right then, my car died. In the middle of the road (I was praying out loud to God so the enemy heard me). This has never happened to me before and I was in such shock that the enemy had just forced his hand that way that I didn't know what to do. I called my mom, who lives in Jacksonville, no answer. I called my dad and he answered immediately. He was in Jacksonville even though he never is at 1pm on a weekday. I told him I needed help and he came to the rescue. In the meantime a kind police officer came up and pushed me off the road. Dad got there and jumped my car again, which was a miracle because I was afraid at that point that it was the alternator and that it wouldn't be able to start at all. Dad drove the Saturn and I followed him in his truck to Auto Zone.

I was MAD at that point and I was praying and praising God for His intervention in the situation and binding and rebuking the devil with a righteous anger. The Saturn miraculously made it to Auto Zone and my dad bought me a new battery (again, praise God!).

So I finally made it home, for about 30 minutes. I had to type up an outline for a small lesson I'm teaching at College Boot Camp tomorrow and then leave to go to LR for a meeting about Boot Camp. I did not eat anything all day until I stopped at Mimi's on the way home and my sweet husband fed me. So needless to say I'm exhausted. I'm also extremely grateful for the Presence of God in my life and that He cares for me enough to protect me. And grateful that I must be doing something right because why else would the enemy come against me? All for Your Glory Jesus...

So that's been my day. If ya'll could please pray for us and battle for us in the spiritual realm I would really appreciate it. "The fervent prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective." Pray for protection for us and that we would stand ready to fight and know how to when the enemy does attack.

Thanks for reading all that, if you did...

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