Monday, June 8, 2009

Today, again.

Went to bed last night thinking I was dealing with allergies and woke up with mucus in my chest/throat. Nice. Not feeling so good either.

Trying to figure out how to prioritize my time now with kids, Dwayne, Arbonne, and downtime. Summertime is throwing me off. Its making me a little crazy, mostly because Dwayne doesn't have a consistent schedule at work right now and that makes things hairy.

I need to blog about some thoughts I had concerning government/politics last week but I don't feel like it right now. More later...

Feeling worse than I did when I wrote this. I needed to summon the energy to give the kids a bath but just when I needed to do it, God brought my sweet husband from work early to take over. Thank You Lord.

If I'm not better in the morning, I'm going to the doctor. Just so you know. This hit fast enough that I know it isn't viral.

Random news: Alaya gave me fashion advice this morning. We were leaving to go to run some errands and she said, "Mommy which shoes are you going to wear?" I said, "My flip flops." And she said, "Mommy I think you should wear these. They're cute!" Seriously? She is hilarious.

I also got good news from the doctor today that my cholesterol is back to normal (which can pretty much be contributed to my new diet b/c I haven't been taking the fish oil pills like I should) my Vitamin D is back to normal, and my thyroid is normal. Maybe I'm not losing weight like I would like to but at least the cholesterol is down.

Finally, I think we all need to be readying our hearts for the times and seasons that we are living in. If you watched Obama's speech in Egypt last week there were a few key things that struck me and made me feel like I was watching the book of Revelation playing out before my eyes. 1) He said that we were "made for" peace and that we all need to embrace that and pursue world peace, 2) he said he is a Christian but then referred to Allah as "our God", 3) he really was trying to reconsile with the Muslims and they were saying that all that was fine and good but if he was serious then he would put the Jews in their place, and finally 4) Israel's statement regarding his speech was that they were all for world peace.

If you want to read the text of his speech click here. All of this information I gleaned while watching the CBS evening news last week. If you don't know much about the book of Revelation or the end times prophecy there are a few strategic things that happen. 1)A leader will come into power who will promise world peace, 2) Israel will sign a peace treaty agreeing them to 7 years of peace with this new world leader and the world. There is much more than that but those two things are what I was thinking about as I was listening to the speech. I'm not saying Obama is the antichrist, only time will tell. But I am saying, if you know in the Word. Don't allow yourself to be one of the ones who fall away. And if you don't know Jesus, you really should consider Him. Not out of fear, but because He loves you enough that He was bruised and beaten for you.

Okay, I'm exhausted and I'm headed to bed.

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