Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wish list

These are things I'm wishing for right now (not in order of preference)....

1) an Ipod docking station
2) summer clothes (I found a really cute skirt at Target yesterday...which leads me to...)
3) a gift card to Target because I love that store and there are "oh so many" things I would love from there
4) time away with my husband. My short list of location is the bed and breakfast we went to in Hot Springs last year...extended list would be somewhere tropical or beachy. :)
5)a family pass to the community pool so that I can keep my kids busy this summer

So there's my list. What are you wishing for right now?

I'm feeling really good. Pretty much back to normal although I find myself tiring a little quicker and I am being really conscious of how much I'm doing and trying to pace myself. This is really hard though because I feel good but everyone keeps telling me to chill so I'm trying to do that. Mostly I'm frustrated because I want to start working out again but I can't until I get the doctor's okay. Bummer. I really want to get this weight off.

I had a really good day yesterday. Dwayne and I had a date because the kids had their last day at MDO. I played chess with him at Java Roasting and for the first time ever, I didn't lose! We actually had a stalemate!! I was super pumped. I'm horrible at chess and don't play very often but that made me feel good.

I got to hang out with my friend Melissa and her sweet baby which was great. Also I got to watch my American Idol Kris Allen make it to the finale last night and the season finale of LOST which was awesome. Overall it was a good day. :)

Sorry if I'm kind of boring right now. Not a whole lot going on with me. 

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  1. You made me smile. I like the little ramble now and then. :) I'm so ready to be back in Arkansas, and then we can hang out!!!


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