Friday, May 8, 2009

We've been back and forth between home and my parent's house a lot. I think I'm ready to go home but my parents still want me here. I've been on very little pain meds but I am still shaky and trying to take it pretty easy.

Went to LR with my sister this morning and saw Kris Allen perform. I'm glad I got to be there to support him.

We're about to go to Cayle's tball game. He saw the dr today and his finger is well enough for him to play. It is looking like rain but I guess we'll see.

That's about all. I've just been resting and staying caught up with my shows. :)


  1. Glad you got to see Kris Allen. I know a lot of people are excited. I honestly haven't kept up! One step at a time, friend...we're all doing that in one way or another. :)

  2. hey girl, how are you? I just realized that I'm REALLY out of the loop and you already had your are you?? How are you feeling? How are you handling things emotionally? I'm so sorry...I feel like I've been a bad friend. We have been here 3 months and I haven't seen you (or anyone else) yet!


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