Monday, May 18, 2009

Straight A's?!

I made straight A's this semester. Unreal. I wasn't trying to make straight A's but I am super excited that I did! Dwayne also made all A's and graduated this past Saturday. I am so, so proud of him. I'm grateful that the Lord does keep His promises and that He restores the years the locusts have eaten. Graduation for Dwayne was his first. After much oppression and even cruelty by his high school and teachers Dwayne dropped out and got his GED. There were many horrible things said to him, that he wouldn't live past the age of 21, that he would never make anything of himself...but he proved them all wrong. He is a man, a 31 year old man, with a college degree, an amazing husband and a loving father. Thank You God that You have blessed Dwayne and made him into a man that we are all so proud of. Thank You for him God!

So my hot flashes are hotter now. I think that is the only difference between my body pre-hysterectomy and post. I was having hot flashes before but now they are like walking into a sauna. And mind you, I have to do all this without hormone replacement therapy. GRRR! I am woman, hear me roar! :) I really don't see what the big deal is. I mean yeah hot flashes are annoying but they aren't debilatating. Maybe I'm different. Who knows?

Emotionally, I think I'm just drained. My dad told me the other day that he is praying for a season of rest for me, specifically from medical issues. Amen to that! I am doing well physically but mentally and emotionally I feel exhausted.

Alright laundry calls me. Enjoy your day!

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