Monday, May 11, 2009


We're home. I'm glad. I am starting to feel like a fully capable human again, minus a few things that I'm not supposed to do (like heavy lifting, etc.).

Alaya is going to be three in August and like many two-year-olds she has certain speech impediments and ways to say things that aren't common. I want to note them here for posterity, and maybe you'll have a good laugh. :)

Brother: Bwutha or Butha
Pooping: Poopening (Mommy, I'm poopening.)
Use: ooze (You oozed my color!) Hilarious because she says the word "you" the right way.
Thanks: Tanks
Flower: Fowler

I may note more of these later, but I was thinking last night that I want to remember the way she says things because soon enough she will be speaking perfectly and I'll be sad I forgot. They are growing up so fast, and though I love to watch each new stage, I'm sad about the ones that have passed so quickly that I haven't been able to keep up. I'm so grateful to be a mommy and to be Cayle and Alaya's mommy. What a gift from the Lord!

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  1. they do grow up fast! Just yesterday I stopped mid sweep and went and played with my girls out in the rain. Sometimes It's better to be a little spontaneous...kwim?

    oh and note this: I've changed my blog address

    New blog address:


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