Monday, April 13, 2009


If you're new to this blog, I'm still dealing with a lot of medical issues from my breast cancer and the medicines I have to take because of that.

I am swollen. I have mentioned this frequently as of late but today it has taken a noticeably different turn. My hands and feet are so swollen that I can barely move them. And my face is swollen. So swollen that I may have to pull my nose ring out because it is throbbing due to the swelling. My eyelids are swollen. I have no idea why.

Each doctor that I've mentioned this to has poo-pooed it off because I guess it's something my general practioner is supposed to handle. I saw him for the second time about it last Thursday and I definitely got the sense that he was listening and cared but no one seems as concerned as me as to why it's happening. He put me on a stronger fluid pill but obviously it isn't helping because I am only getting worse. It's freaking me out. Really. And now I don't know what to do.

Pray for me. I don't want to rely too heavily on doctors. Jehovah Raffa is my Healer and He is all I need. Pray for answers and healing for me.

*Edit-I called the neurologist b/c they did a bunch of bloodwork last week, to see if any of that showed anything abnormal. They called me back and told me that I am vitamin D deficient, that my cholesterol is slightly elevated, and my bad cholesterol is elevated (so now they are putting me on a low fat diet, Fish oil pills, an exercise regimen, and vitamin D tablets) in addition to that, and what I believe has been the problem all along (my constipation, sleeplessness, weight gain, fatigue, swelling) is I have hypothroidism. My levels weren't way off but they were off enough for them to want me on synthroid. Apparently hypothroidism can also cause high cholesterol which I just read on the wiki site. I'm not thrilled about needing to be on more meds, but I am so relieved that there is finally a defineable cause for these crazy symtoms I've been having. Praise God for answers! **

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