Friday, April 10, 2009

Starting from scratch

It feels strange to start from scratch. Part of me wants to begin at the beginning and part of me knows that most people who will read this already know all of that.

So maybe I'll summarize...

I've been married for almost six years now to my amazing gift, straight-from-the-hands-of-God husband Dwayne. He is the second greatest love story I've ever known (the first being Jesus' love for me and you).

We have two children: our son Cayle, who's 4, and our daughter Alaya, 2. They are our miracles and I frequently run out of words when trying to describe the love, joy, and sometimes trial in raising these two amazing children. But I do talk about them often because the Lord uses them to teach me so much.

If you can't tell, I love Jesus. He is my Joy, my Strength, my Savior, my closest Friend. Apart from Him I am nothing, and without Him there is no hope, no joy, no peace.

I have my undergraduate degree in writing and am currently working on my Master's in the same. I love to write. Communication is important to me and writing is such a great way for me to think, process, encourage, and be changed. I'm grateful for the gift.

Finally, I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year the age of 25. Yeah, 25 year olds aren't supposed to get cancer right? Well it happened to me. Despite the fact that I "did everything right" by never smoking, by breastfeeding both kids, my taking good care of myself, it happened. I'm still dealing with so much of that although I am cancer free right now. It has been a hard journey and much of what I write about at this point is still saturated with the thoughts, emotions, and physical nature of what I've been through.

The high point of this is that just like everything that has ever happened in my life, I know that God has allowed this for a reason. There is no question in my mind. My faith is stronger and my belief in His goodness is ever-present. His nearness is nearer because I am more dependent on Him. I'm grateful for what this experience has brought me, though I wouldn't wish it on anyone else.

So that's me. If I've already met you or if you've been reading my old blog for a while, stay tuned for more. If I haven't met you, its nice to.

And I'm off to bathe my children.

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  1. Hey, glad the xangans are moving!!! Marla is too! So, how do you know my friend, Christy? She does "Preserving a generation"? We've known one another since the 1st grade, and there's a picture of us on Facebook to prove it. :)


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