Monday, April 20, 2009


Much has happened in my life the last two weeks.

I found out last Monday that I have hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, and I'm vitamin D deficient. I started a low fat diet (per doctor's order) on Tuesday last week and haven't had a single canned drink since then. I'm also completely avoiding candy and junk food and attempting to fill myself with fruit, lean protein, and whole grains. So far, so good.

This week is my last week of class because I'm having my hysterectomy next Wednesday. So last week I was trying to finish up some stuff for my classes. One of my instructors decided it would be prudent to assign a ridiculously large group assignment that we had until today to complete. It sucked. That assignment should have been given at least two weeks. Everything I had planned to get done for my classes last week got booted to this week because of that stinkin assignment. Me. Not happy.

So I'm stressed. I have a paper due tomorrow night that I haven't started. A research paper. Yeah. I have a revised grant that is due this week, along with the final draft of my book review, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting for said class that I'm mad at. Well and on top of that, said teacher from said class made me feel thisbig tonight in the chatroom by basically telling me to be quiet while she talked to another student. Oops, I thought this was a chat room. My bad.

Alaya and Dwayne are fighting colds. Praying I don't get it. Neither of them are feeling very good.

And the good part. My day today...

I worked out this morning for 45 minutes. Progress. :)

Had to get an EEG as part of routine procedure with the neurologist. Never had one before. Didn't know they had to scrape your head and make it bleed to put the stinkin wires on you. That would have been useful information to have before I got in there. Well and then the girl that's doing it (who is actually really sweet, by the way. Not her fault I'm having a bad week) asks me after its done if I've ever had a seizure. I told her not that I know of. She asked me again. This worried me. Although people implying things, but not just coming out and telling me, worries me in general. Just so you know. I'm a straight-shooter.

So in order to make progress in class and since I have a paper due tomorrow night. Research. Paper. I'm going to spend 5 hours tomorrow at the UALR library while Dwayne is in class. I've asked a dear friend to come and stay with the monkeys. I don't see what choice I have because the rest of this week looks equally as psycho as last week did.

Almost done. I keep telling myself that.
I do love school. I'm glad I'm back in it. I just don't like last minute assignments that throw off my plans.

To bed I said!!


  1. You should be about finished up at the library by now. I hope it was good. I prayed for you again last night before I went to bed. Hope you accomplished a lot. Let the adrenaline and pressure be your friend not your foe! Ride the wave!

  2. Cayle looks so cute in his t-ball uniform! Hope the next few days go good for you so that you can get stuff done. I can't imagine being back in school!=)

  3. Glad you made the blogger switch too! I love it!


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