Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ode to the Hot Flash

O far away cool sheet, won't you comfort me?
As I lay in my wretchedness
Sweating, loathing, fiery heat

Sleep alludes me
Heat consummes me

"Let it pass quickly,"and it does.
But follows another soon after.

My skin it ravages and sweats
It recoils and begs for cool water,
Cold winter,
Some kind of cooling sensation

But its desperate attempts are fleeting
Far away in some premenopausal state
That is mine no more

A personal furnace someone might call me
Feverish some might think.
I could warm the person beside me,
But that might be odd

I move and toss the covers aside
Expose my feet.
Laying on my side does no good
Roll over to my back to sleep.

Ahhh yes, the sleep here it comes,
Slowly my mind fades far away.

Only to awaken with a start!!

Rudely conjured by another flaming drench.

(I mean you have to laugh about it in order to keep from crying about it.)

1 comment:

  1. Honey, it sounds dreadful. I've found that I have a similiar experience if I wear socks and sneakers in warm weather. I have to free my feet! I thought it was great that you mentioned "exposing your feet" b/c that is EXACTLY what I have to do...though I know it can't be compared to what you're going through! When do you have your surgery?


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